Logic Labs - Software Development

Logic Labs are a small ISV and Software Development Consultancy, specializing in assisting companies with the improvement of developer productivity and code quality.

Our key technology skills are Microsoft development technologies, such as .NET, DNA and COM(+), and using them in an agile development process.

We service small and medium sized companies providing assistance and advice in helping their teams, individual developers and project managers improve code quality, code security and project/time management. We can provide on-site mentoring to your developers to guide them on new projects using the latest technologies, such as Microsoft .NET, as well as assisting in the conversion of legacy projects.

For further details including fees and availability, please contact us at any of the contact methods below.

Contact Us

Dave Griffiths Logic Labs Ltd
33 Mariners Quay
Aberavon Beach
Port Talbot
SA12 6AN
United Kingdom
Work: (Preferred) +44 (870) 4792460
Web-Site: www.logiclabs.co.uk